Trip Report: RNAS Yeovilton Group Visit – 30 August 2016

RNAS Yeovilton is one of the Navy’s two principal air bases, and one of the busiest military airfields in the UK. It is home to more than 100 aircraft operated both front-line squadrons and training units including all Fleet Air Arm Lynx and Commando Helicopter Force, plus vintage aircraft of the RN Historic Flight.

South West Aviation Photographers were able to arrange a group base visit on Tuesday 30th August 2016 which members Gary Morris and Kev Slade attended. Below is a brief report on the aircraft seen together with a selection of images from the day.

We would like to thank Julia Wilde, RNAS Yeovilton Community Relations Officer for making this visit possible.

XZ728 326/AW Westland Lynx HMA.8
ZD578 000/122 BAe Sea Harrier F/A.2

Guard Room Gate
XT458 P/VL Westland Wessex HU.5

Hangar 4 846 NAS (Confirmed as iHC.3 (Interim HC.3) by crew)
ZJ135 T AgustaWestland Merlin iHC.3
ZJ136 U AgustaWestland Merlin iHC.3
ZJ132 Q AgustaWestland Merlin iHC.3
ZJ118 B AgustaWestland Merlin iHC.3

ZJ131 P AgustaWestland Merlin HC.3
ZJ137 W AgustaWestland Merlin HC.3

Hangar 7
ZJ121 E AgustaWestland Merlin HC.3
ZJ129 N AgustaWestland Merlin HC.3
ZJ130 O AgustaWestland Merlin HC.4 MOD / Leonardo

Hangars 12, 13, 14 and Apron
ZZ532 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
ZZ379 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
ZZ378 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
ZZ517 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
ZZ528 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
XZ689 314 Westland Lynx HMA.8SRU
XZ691 310 Westland Lynx HMA.8SRU
ZF563 312 Westland Lynx HMA.8SRU
XZ725 415 Westland Lynx HMA.8SRU
ZD257 302 Westland Lynx HMA.8SRU
ZF562 404 Westland Lynx HMA.8SRU
ZZ519 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
ZZ533 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
ZZ518 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
ZZ515 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
ZZ396 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
ZZ375 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
ZZ381 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
ZZ531 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
ZZ535 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
ZZ413 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
ZZ397 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
ZZ393 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ513 AgustaWestland Wildcat HMA.2
ZZ406 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
Plus five additional Wildcats with Leonardo in Hangar 12

No Wildcats carried codes and we got the impression from the crew that it was unlikely they would.

Hangars 8, 9, ? and Apron  – 1 Regiment AAC / 847 NAS
ZZ386 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ525 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ409 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ385 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ388 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ523 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ383 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ384 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ510 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ521 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ512 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ382 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ398 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ389 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ407 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ403 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ395 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ408 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ526 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1
ZZ404 AgustaWestland Wildcat AH.1

Hangar 16 727 NAS and Heron Gliding Club
G-BYVK VK Grob Tutor T.1
G-BYWG WG Grob Tutor T.1
G-BYXK XK Grob Tutor T.1
G-BYWL WL Grob Tutor T.1
G-BYXS XS Grob Tutor T.1
G-BYVF VF Grob Tutor T.1
G-BYWM WM Grob Tutor T.1
G-CHDP PZL SZD-50-3 Puchacz
G-OHGC Scheibe SF25C Falke
G-EHCC PZL SZD-50-3 Puchacz
G-CINT Rotorsport UK MTO Sport
NF389 Fairey Swordfish III RNHF (Broken down into parts and awaiting rebuild)

Hangar 15 RNHF, Heron Flying Club and Historic Aircraft
WK608 906/Y de Havilland Canada Chipmunk T.10
285068 / G-KAMY North American AT-6D Harvard III
R930 110/Q Hawker Sea Fury FB.11
W5856 4A Fairey Swordfish I
LS326 L2 Fairey Swordfish II
XP924 / G-CVIX de Havilland Sea Vixen FAW.2
XV586 010/R McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG.1
ZH800 123 BAe Sea Harrier FA.2 (Really ZH801)
ZH801 001 BAe Sea Harrier FA.2 (Really ZH800)
G-BTLG Piper PA-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow
G-BIRD Pitts S-1D Special
G-LOCH Piper J3C-65 Cub
G-IIRG Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair IIS RG
XX668 / G-CBAN I Scottish Aviation Bulldog T.1
G-CBDM Tecnam P92-EM Echo
G-ASZE Beagle A.61 Series 2 Terrier
G-ATGY Sud Gardan GY80-160 Horizon
XW784 / G-BBRN Mitchell-Proctor Kittiwake I
G-BUJM Cessna 120
1377 / G-BARS de Havilland Canada Chipmunk 22
G-CCUA Mainair Pegasus Quik

Fire Dump
XW630 BAe Harrier GR.3
WV911 115/C Hawker Sea Hawk FGA.6

XZ674 T Westland Lynx AH.7
XZ719 Westland Lynx HMA.8SRU
XS513 Westland Wessex HU.5
773 Westland Sea King Mk.47 (Ex-Egyptian Navy)

Gazelle House, Little Yeovilton
XW890 Westland Gazelle HT.2

© South West Aviation Photographers 2016 – All photos by Gary Morris/Kev Slade.